STACY TOYAMA | director of photography

Whether it’s cars, beauty, or visual effects shooting, Stacy’s fascination with light is evident in his entire body of work. After growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, Stacy entered the University of Southern California School of Film and Television where he focused on cinematography and was intrigued by the powerful role that lighting plays in storytelling. Stacy is known for combining his dynamic lighting style and graphic compositions to help propel the mood and attitude of the story and its characters. 

Stacy feels fortunate that his career began prior to industry’s transition from film to digital as exposing for a negative early in his career has made him a stronger digital shooter.  His calming on-set demeanor and “nothing’s a problem” attitude is key to the way in which he supports all of his directors.  Visually stunning photography driven by his progressive and modern lighting style has attracted directors not only within the U.S., but also from the Latin, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

When Stacy doesn’t have a camera in his hand, you’ll find him holding a 7-iron on the golf course or playing the number 3 position in his basketball league.

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